It takes a village . . .



with Donna Leemburg

Donna has been using holistic health most of her life. When change was inevitable with her career, Donna turned to her passion in the health field with Biodynamic Craniosacral Therapy (BCST) which had played a huge part in her own health journey. Her practice is new to Nanaimo. She brings her skills with other trainings into her work and Donna is looking forward to assisting in relief from pain and suffering.

Certification from Body Intelligence Training as a Biodynamic Craniosacral Therapist, BCST, RCST. Advanced training Mother and Babies. Registered member of the Pacific Association of Craniosacral Therapists (PACT). Donna is a fully insured and registered member of the Natural Health Practitioners of Canada.

To contact Donna, please visit: | 250-644-8084 | [email protected]


with Andrée Boisvert

I am a Certified Bowenwork® Practitioner. Bowenwork® (also known as Bowen therapy) is a non-invasive form of bodywork that utilizes gentle rolling moves to encourage the nervous system to shift out of the fight/flight response. This innovative technique can help you manage pain, injuries, or conditions that create imbalance, by re-setting the body’s natural ability to heal. Bowenwork® is gentle enough to be used on anyone from a newborn to the frail or elderly. Bowenwork® affects the body in a holistic way that creates harmony throughout the different systems of the body.

To contact Andrée, please visit: | 250-816-5543 | [email protected]


with Will Galick

Measuring 6'8" in height, Will Galick is the Big Friendly Giant of Kinesiology, and operates his own practice in South Nanaimo. Passionate about helping others, and always trying to go the extra mile to help people overcome injuries and achieve healthy fitness goals sets Will apart from many others. Having played professional sports and dealt with significant injuries himself, Will understands that getting back to a healthy, fit and injury free body is not just physical: there is an emotional and mental component to the rehabilitation process. Will not only helps you overcome injuries, he teaches you how to prevent them with professional and personalized exercise programs. 

To contact Will, please visit: | 250-327-9537 | [email protected]


with Stephanie Brossard

I am Nanaimo's only Certified Rolfer™! I am also a certified yoga instructor - a great combination for understanding how bodies move. I first was introduced to Rolfing® SI when a Rolfer™ successfully treated my grandmother's lockjaw; a problem that conventional medicine said needed surgery to fix! My own personal experience has shown me how profound and powerful Rolfing SI can be. Rolfing SI helped me to recover from foot surgery in 2011. I understand how debilitating an injury or surgery can be, and am delighted to be able to help people on their journeys of healing and wellness. I find immense satisfaction helping people to live in their bodies with greater function, comfort, and happiness.

To contact Stephanie, please visit: | 250-327-8046 | [email protected]


with Nathalie Ristord

In her practice of hypnosis, Nathalie favours the intuitive process where she guides the patient through his own unconscious, allowing it to freely reveal and identify the origin of blocks. As a Therapeutic Hypnotist and RTT Practitioner, Nathalie supports, and orients the patient in the process of suppressing the undesired problem and fill the mind with a new positive scheme of thought. This life-changing and personalized approach as proved its success in different areas such as emotional and mental issues, as well as health problems.

To contact Nathalie, please visit: | 250-797-2457 | [email protected]


with Glenda Neufeld

It’s very enlightening to see what is invisible to the naked eye! It has been my privilege to offer medical thermal imaging to Vancouver Island for the past 7 years. Although our primary focus is the potentially life-saving breast health assessment, we also provide full body (including dental) imaging. To be connected with the amazing holistic practitioners here who find great value in the information thermography provides is ideal. I love learning and educating, so that we all feel empowered and can make informed decisions and be the CEOs of our lives and health!

To contact Glenda, please visit: | 250-947-5424 | [email protected]


with Alexis Taylor Middleton

Hailing originally from Vancouver British Columbia, Alexis shares her passion for integrative health as Director of Patient Services and Technologies with

1440 Wellness Clinic from 2012 to present day. Currently one of very few in Canada specializing in Traditional Mayan Lymphatics, her focus is on seeing the true inner beauty and balance of others come forward. With a keen understanding of body harmony and kinetics, Alexis is motivated to bringing out the best in others and cultivating one's understanding that their true inner beauty matters. 

To contact Alexis, please call: 250-619-4326 | [email protected]